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Become a Registered Yin Yoga Teacher

Yin Yoga Teacher Registration Requirements

1) Completion of a Yin Yoga Teacher Training course or workshop

    (Completion of an anatomy course or module is not required to qualify for
     Teacher Registration with The Yin Yoga Institute)

2) A minimum of 20 hours experience teaching Yin yoga or Paulie Zink's Art of Yin yoga

3) Applicants must read Paulie Zink’s
Yin Yoga Teaching Philosophy and
Yoga Teaching Ethics and the Yin Yoga page

4) Compliance with The Yoga Teaching Ethics outlined by The Yin Yoga Institute

5) Completion of the Teacher Registration application form, submission of required
    documentation, and payment of registration fee   

Registration with The Yin Yoga Institute is permanent

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Registration Fee $25

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