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Paulie Zink's complete art of yin yoga contains well over a hundred postures and variations of postures for the upper and lower body and includes both yielding poses and strengthening poses. Yin yoga poses are meant to embody the characteristics of animals and the energetic elements in nature. The smooth transitioning from posture to posture
in spontaneous flow sequences is as important as the poses themselves.

Yin yoga is commonly being taught as only a static practice comprised of a small number of postures
focusing primarily on the lower body. However, the complete repertoire of yin yoga poses engages the entire body
and is intended to restore our innate ability to move with fluidity, power, and grace.

"I developed Yin yoga by astutely observing nature and the animals around me and becoming part of it by blending with it energetically. We really are inseparable from everything. We as humans have a very malleable and adaptable consciousness. The intention of our thoughts has the power to expand our consciousness. We have the potential facility to merge our minds with other life forms, to internalize qualities that they possess and infuse our own physical energy with those qualities. If I see an animal in motion and I want to embody the energy of that animal,
then will I meditate on it and become one with it. I can then create yin yoga poses and movements based on the
immediate felt experience in my body and mind as I identify with the creature.
[My teacher didn’t teach me this. I did it myself.
That’s what makes it my own art form. He taught me a little
of the alchemy; but most of what I learned came from my own inner experience of doing it.]

By thinking about anatomy and theory while practicing yoga we can become detached from the felt awareness of our physicality; and this can obstruct our ability to feel the spontaneous flow of energy. We are missing out because our minds are busy intellectualizing instead of being fully present in our bodies and focused on the sensations of what we are doing. The animals are the real masters of fluid movement and they don't need anyone to teach them theory.
We are animals too. We are primates, so we should have the same quality of freedom in our bodies
as our wild counterparts do. But we tend to be alienated from it because we our hindered
by our social conditioning and indoctrination."

Excerpt from the article "A Lesson in Yin Yoga- From Founder Master Paulie Zink"
Elephant Journal.com

Yin yoga poses demonstrated by founder Paulie Zink

yin yoga poses
yin yoga poses
yin yoga poses

The Yin Yoga Institute       Preserving the Spirit

This clip features a choreographed theatrical routine by Master Zink
demonstrating Yin yoga poses and their application in movement and martial arts,
performed with Paulie's entertaining style and playful spirit.

yin yoga poses

 Here is a trailer to Paulie Zink's YIN YOGA TRILOGY  DVD that contains three separate
Yin yoga practice sessions with different yin yoga poses in each:
"Hips & Legs", "Back & Shoulders", "Core & Balance" plus one combination session
Available at YinYogaDVDs.com

A demonstration by Master Zink of Yin yoga flow postures in a random sequence.
This clip is included in the Yin Yoga Beginner's DVD available at

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yin yoga poses
yin yoga poses
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